Living Life Beyond a Broken Heart

Do you feel broken beyond healing, hope, and help?

Do you struggle with feeling rejected, alone, broken, worthless, unloved, unwanted, or disconnected?

This website is a refuge for those who are hurting. It’s a place of encouragement for those who struggle with: anxiety, depression, negative self beliefs, being the victim of abuse, chronic illness and pain, or any other difficult circumstances or issues.

Do you feel so beyond broken that you don’t know how your heart could ever be put back together? Maybe you are struggling to feel connected to other Christians, feeling as if God does not love you, feeling alone in your deep struggles and afraid to open up, or don’t feel you have friends or support in your life. There are so many different ways that we can hurt and it can be difficult to know if things will ever get better.

God can take your life from beyond broken (hopeless) to beyond broken (hopeful).

Beyond broken: Your heart is crushed into a million pieces, because you are so utterly beyond all brokenness.

transformed to

Beyond broken: Your loving Saviour takes your heart and pieces it back together in a new way. Your heart doesn’t look the same, but now His light shines through more brilliantly. Now you can live beyond your brokenness and experience joy in Christ.

I’m here to tell you that your story is not over. In Christ, there is life beyond all your brokenness.

The wonderful news is that God’s love can bring healing, no matter how broken you feel.

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